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GEM summer schools

GEM Summer School in Greece

Organised by the National Kapodistrian University of Athens

“Thank you very much for your event”
“So proud <3<3<3
“Let’s go strong
! <3″

Above there are some of the comments written by the participants of the 3day online summer school, which held on 5h, 6th and 7th of July 2021. The summer school addressed to 1315years old girls (of junior high school). Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the seminar was unavoidably performed as an online meeting. However, this situation was a big opportunity for girls in areas outside of Athens to attend and gain the benefits of such powerful event. The summer school was organised by the National Kapodistrian University of Athens as part of the GEM project.

GEM (Empower Girls to Embrace their Digital and Entrepreneurial potential) is an EU funded project aiming to empower girls to embrace their scientific, digital and entrepreneurial potential.

Each of the 3 days of summer school had both labs and lectures led by  females working in a STEM area. Each day from the first 2 days had 2 labs and 1 lecture. The 3rd day had 1 lab and 2 lectures. Appropriate material
was distributed to the participants beforehand to be used in specific lab sessions and make them more interactive overcoming the fact of remote attendance.

The lectures had as key speakers, distinguished females in a STEM related field. Each lecture was aiming the key speaker to describe her career development and challenges faced so far, in order to empower and encourage girls towards STEM fields, which is the key objective of GEM project.

The book “Women of Science 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world” by RACHEL IGNOTOFSKY was offer as a gift to the participants of the summer school. The book provides knowledge about fifty important women who contributed a lot in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) from ancient times to the present day.

In one of the labs, the girls had the opportunity through an innovative online process, to meet great women who left their mark in the field of science. Each class had to “face” 2 rooms + 1 bonus. In another lab entitled “You can reach… the stars, the participants really did it and they captured our solar system and the planets using plasticine. Moreover, they learned with the help of Choico about the different conditions that take place in our solar system. Finally, they were asked to think about what they could take with them on a hypothetical trip to a planet of the solar system, in order to make their stay there more comfortable.

During the lab “become a programmer too..”, The Scratch studio was demonstrated to them and they could make their own online game.

The lab “let’s talk about stairs presented some introductory concepts about architecture and mathematics.

The girls eagerly attended in all the activities and very positive comments received for the organisation, the content, the labs, and the lectures of this summer school. This feedback is also verified by the responses on the questionnaires filled in by the attendees at the end of the summer school. All girls enjoyed so much this summer school and they suggested the next summer school to be of longer duration. It is worth noting that by the completion of the summer schools, a certificate of participation was delivered to each participant.

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