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STEMkey Module 2 on Functions

STEMkey Module 1 focuses on the mathematical standard topic “functions”. The concept of functions is fundamental in mathematics and all other STEM subjects. Even though most people do not realize it, but they use functions in many all-daily situations, be it to calculate a taxi fare with fixed start price and per kilometre travelled (linear function), the trajectory of a ball (quadratic function) or the spreading of a virus (exponential function).

In the first phase of the project, University of Zagreb has set an outline for the module and has discussed it with all project partners to work on the interdisciplinary connections to the other modules. The outline is based on the development of three specific competences:

  • Observing dependencies and modelling with functions in the real world;
  • Developing and using the concept of a function in different representations;
  • Recognizing and using (properties of various) elementary functions.

Each of these competences will be explained in more detail on the level of knowledge, skills and attitudes according to the key competence framework and followed by activities based on interdisciplinary examples.

Poster Download: STEMkey Module 2 on Functions