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ICSE Academy European workshop series, is one of three Professional learning strategies.

The core consortium partners (ITE and CPD providers from across Europe) will, together with invited guest lecturers (for example with a policy background) offer joint online workshop series. It covers an overall topic linked to the EU priorities and works on this topic employing a multidisciplinary and multi-country perspective – made possible by the professional background and expertise of the 13 higher education institutions covering all STEM disciplines (and beyond). Topics will be chosen among EU priorities and connect to teachers’ needs.

This method primarily targets (pre- and in-service) STEM teachers and will be tested and implemented twice during the project duration. In-service STEM teachers from 5 model schools and pre-service teacher from 13 teacher education institutions in the 13 partner countries will participate in the interdisciplinary European workshop series. The interdisciplinary workshop series will take place weekly over the period of a semester. Each week the workshop will be given by another ITE/CPD provider or guest on another subtopic, with the other HEI and teachers from all partner countries attending.

The workshop series will be an innovative PD offer in Europe that unites several important features of successful, relevant, and attractive PD: It will be held in English, allows for virtual mobility across Europe and build a European dimension and multi-country perspective in teacher education, enables knowledge exchange in European STEM education and it will be based on collaborative pedagogy so as to support knowledge transfer and a collaboration culture among teachers across countries.

The main outcome here is that pre- and in-service STEM teachers exchange interculturally, get to know teaching styles from multi-country perspectives, learn about European priorities and develop the competences, skills and attitudes to bring new and societally relevant topics and learning styles into their STEM classrooms.

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