The Role of Research in ICSE

ICSE is an international centre that focuses on STEM education research relevant to day-to-day teaching practice. Research concerning teaching practice in schools and its transfer into practice thus plays a crucial role for us and points the way ahead. Within the framework of the ICSE Consortium the work of leading research institutions form all over Europe is bundled and cultivated through a consistent exchange and common projects.

With regard to ICSE’s objective of enhancing STEM education throughout Europe, the following aspects are of special importance:

  • Research on innovative teaching approaches such as inquiry-based learning, connections to real-life contexts, interdisciplinarity or to diversity in classrooms
  • The development, implementation and evaluation of feasible and impactful professional development concepts
  • Research on concepts to scale up teacher professional development, also taking into account systemic barriers
  • Development, in situ-evaluation and refinement of high-quality classroom materials and professional development materials, anchored in the field of design research

Most of ICSE’s international projects (in particular MaSDiV, Primas and Mascil) focus on a research-based development of teaching and professional development concepts and their evaluation. You can find the results of research from these projects in our publications. For more information about current projects click here.