STEM PD Network meets in Sofia

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In November 2018 STEM PD centres meet to discuss a timely development of STEM education

A good quality of STEM education is crucial for the future of young people. Teacher professional development (PD) is a key aspect in maintaining and achieving the required quality. New curricula in STEM education across Europe emphasize this in order to reach large numbers of STEM teachers and to provide them with high quality PD, as required, STEM PD centres play a pivotal role. This was the unambigious opinion of the representatives of STEM PD centres from across Europe gathering in the 8th STEM PD centre network meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, organized by the Bulgarian Academy of Science. The network is coordinated by the International Centre of STEM education, ICSE in Freiburg, Germany.

Giving European STEM PD centres a voice: The STEM PD centre network, coordinated by the International Centre of STEM Education

During the fruitful meeting, in which 27 representatives of 15 STEM PD centres took part, constructive ideas for the future of the network were developed. The discussed plan included a drafting of new and innovative PD concepts dealing with timely topics such as supporting girls in taking up careers in STEM areas and other societal challenges connected to STEM subjects. Moreover, members want to follow up on the idea of ensuring quality in STEM professional development, through different measures such as the establishment of quality standards, through peer assessment within the network or through a quality mark. These options are all based on the guidelines for PD quality and evaluation methods, which have been developed in the Erasmus+ funded project of the network STEM PD Net.

The STEM PD network want to keep growing! We want to invite STEM PD centres that are interested in joining the network to contact us at (subject: STEM PD network).

Further information about the STEM PD Network and the related project STEM PD Net can be found at

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