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IncluSMe Module 10 – Intercultural mathematics learning outside of school

By Higher Education, Interdisciplinary teaching, Mathematics

Module 10 introduces the Education Program ‘Architects’, an innovative approach to modern, active, multidisciplinary education. Through individual activities, prospective teachers gradually become familiar with the program’s content, learning methods, and instructional forms. Additionally, the module covers principles of intercultural education…

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IncluSMe Module 6 – Pedagogical approaches to mathematics and science teaching in diverse classrooms

By General Science, Higher Education, Interdisciplinary teaching, Mathematics

The module aims to help prospective teachers develop competences for teaching in multicultural classrooms. In particular, it will support them to: identify issues related to teaching and learning in multilingual and multicultural contexts; interpret these incidents on the basis of…

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IncluSMe Module 5 – Different perspectives on current ecological problems

By Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, General Science, Geography, Higher Education, Interdisciplinary teaching

In module 5, pre-service teachers are introduced to different perspectives on current ecological problems in the context of intercultural learning. A series of immersion and application tasks on the exemplary and interdisciplinary topic of ‘water’ forms the foundation of the…

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