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Teaching Materials

ICSE (International Centre for STEM Education) develops class room, professional development and policy recommendation materials within its many projects as well as independently of projects on a regular basis. We now have our own material databank!

On the platform of our dutch partners, you can find a further selection of ICSE teaching materials that we developed in our various international projects. For example the teaching material of the MaSDiV project supplies classroom materials for diversity and fundamental values.

Additionally, you can find a selection of our independently developed class room materials that we release under the header Quartlery Problems (QP). The developers of these tasks wanted to tackle a challenge they faced on a daily basis as maths and science teachers. They asked themselves how they could make maths and science truly interesting for students. How could they support enthusiasm for those subjects and show how fascinating and surprising they are? The outcome of this inquiry are open tasks for students with funny or interesting contexts from everyday life.

There are three different versions of the Quarterly Problem: a mathematical one, one on natural sciences and an ecological one (the green edition). They each get published four times annually.

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