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ICSE is the first international centre located at a university that focuses on the connection of research, policy and practice in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. International collaboration is the key to continuous improvements in European STEM education, as Prof. Dr. Katja Maaß, Director of ICSE, explains:

“Despite internationalisation, in the nationally regulated field of education we still run the risk that too many insights or approaches only develop influence on regional enclaves. And there is also the risk that what we produce – be it research or teaching materials – is of good quality, but still not of the best possible quality that could have been achieved, if one were to cooperate with the best in the field. We owe the best approaches to STEM students in schools across Europe and therefore international collaboration in STEM education is simply a must.”

Prof. Dr. Katja MaaßDirector International Centre for STEM Edcuation ICSE

Together with its longstanding international partners, ICSE has therefore initiated the foundation of an International Consortium for STEM Education. Founded in 2017, the ICSE Consortium comprises leading higher education and research institutes from across Europe. Our partners all share a unique focus in their research in STEM education: the transfer of research insights into day-to-day teaching.

The 16 member institutions of the ICSE Consortium are:

As an association of higher education institutions and research institutes the consortium unites vast expertise and experience from partners renowned for their research-based work. Together we endeavour to enhance the field of transfer-oriented research and development in relation to STEM education, and to set standards for a high-impact international collaboration of higher education and research institutes.

The consortium was founded in order to further our cooperation and strengthen our network through various measures, such as joint research projects, newsletters, the international exchange of staff and students or joint advising of master or doctoral dissertations.

Coinciding with the inauguration celebration of the International Centre for STEM Education (ICSE) on 18th January 2018, the International Consortium for STEM Education celebrated the fact that the contractual basis of the International Consortium for STEM education became effective by signature.

The ICSE Consortium secretariat is located at the International Centre for STEM Education (ICSE), University of Education in Freiburg, Germany.

Representatives from all 13 founding member institution, during the ICSE inauguration on January 18, 2018.

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