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Professional Development for European in- and pre-service STEM Teachers (proSTEM) (2022-2025)

The history of ICSE could be followed back to 2006. The University of Education, Freiburg with Professor Katja Maas in lead, coordinated in 2006-09 an EU funded project named Lema which developed professional development materials for mathematical modelling in education. The following 10 years the Compass, Primas, Mascil, Inclusme, Masdiv and STEM PD Net projects followed, all of them dealing with STEM education from several perspectives, authentic learning, inquiry-based learning, inclusive education and professional development (PD) for pre- and in-service teachers.

In 2017, 11 of the ITE institutions from across Europe with comprising experts in mathematics and science education, in inclusion and diversity, in mobility and intercultural learning, as well as persons involved in pilot projects for refugees, established ICSE, with The University of Education, Freiburg as coordinating institution, and Professor Katja Maas as director.

As a step to increase the cooperation among the partners, and to profit on the best from knowledge and skills from each partner, ICSE applied for an EU Erasmus+ Teacher Academy project in 2021. This call considered a partnership for excellence, our ICSE Academy application succeeded, and in January 2022 ICSE Academy was settled.

The ICSE Academy supports the EU’s endeavors to minimize the amount of low-performing STEM (science, mathematics, technology, engineering) learners. It does so by investing in a new era of a high-quality STEM teacher workforce by innovating based on existing best practices teacher education and transnational exchange strategies. This approach draws on mobility and collaboration as an integral part, thereby supporting young and established STEM teachers across Europe.

Structure of the teacher academy

Unique features of our ICSE Academy are:

  • A high-capacity partnership: The ICSE Academy partners are experienced higher education researchers, STEM initial teacher education (ITE) and continuous professional development (CPD) providers, educational policy makers, and schools from 13 countries learning with, from and about each other through specific innovative collaborative structures.
  • Unprecedented professional learning concept with three innovative professional learning formats for pre- and in-service STEM teachers, achieving effectiveness, accessibility and transferability to all Member States and fostering European mobility and collaboration:
  • Peer-learning through job-shadowing (ITE/CPD providers attend each other’s courses to learn from each other)
  • Interdisciplinary European workshop series (for teachers across Europe, run jointly by all ITE/CPD providers)
  • Collaborative European summer schools (in NL/CZ with focus on collaboration between participants as well as organizers)
  • Distinct needs-feasibility-alignment: The development of our professional learning formats is needs-driven in two ways: (1) Teachers will communicate bottom-up what they need and (2) policy makers will communicate top-down requirements from the policy level.
proSTEM is co-funded by the European Union under grant no. 101052670. Neither the European Union/European Commission nor the Granting Authority EACEA are responsible for the content; nor are they liable for any losses or damage resulting of the use of these websites and its published resources.

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