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The Drawer

The digital Escape Room

You open the drawer and find a dusty old but still functional gaming device.

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The only game you can play on the console is Master Mind!


How does Master Mind work?

The aim of this game is to guess a colour code made up of four different colours. For your first try you randomly pick four colours. To achieve this, you first select the colour with your mouse and then click on a slot. By clicking “check” you get feedback: A white dot tells you that one of the colours was right but in the wrong slot. A black dot tells you that one of the colours was correct and in the right slot. No dot means that one of the colours was wrong.
Try different colour codes to gain more information and to conquer the game.

Important: The sequence of the white and block dots does NOT reflect the actual sequence

You’ll find an extensive manual here. (But beware the dots here are red and not black.)

Hint Mastermind

The first colour isn’t red, orange nor green.

Are you still stuck here? Send us an email to, we’ll help you as quickly as possible.