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The Curtain

Der digitale Mathematik Escaperoom

Suspended in the curtain you find a blue paper airplane; upon closer inspection you realize the paper is printed with a riddle:

Detective Paul and the Stolen Purse

Around 10am, in the palace garden of Königstein, Grandma Ilse’s purse was stolen. The thief was riding a red bike and snatched the purse from Grandma Ilse whilst passing her. Detective Paul is already investigating this incident the day after and has confiscated three bikes of potential suspects.
All suspects deny the allegations. But who is the owner of the red bike that was used in the theft? And who is the culprit? Can you help Paul find out?

Fill out this table and find the thief!

Suspect 1
Suspect 2
Suspect 3
Colour of the bike

Here are some hints:

  1. One suspect’s name is Dennis.
  2. Another suspect owns a road bike.
  3. Beside the road bike in the table there’s a foldable bike.
  4. At the very left in the table there’s a mountain bike.
  5. The mountain bile isn’t green.
  6. The foldable bike is green and belongs to Michael.
  7. Uwe is suspect 2.
  8. Dennis owns a yellow bike.

Hint Detective

Michael is innocent.

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