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ENSITE Multiplier Event in Utrecht

14. May 2020 @ 13:00 - 15. May 2020 @ 16:00

Should wind power plants be set-up everywhere? Should we forbid the use of drinking water for cleaning and gardening? This type of socio-scientific issues is receiving increasing attention in teacher education for STEM subjects. The use of mathematics plays an important role when exploring these issues. In particular the use of statistics to analyse  the ‘big’ data involved, can help taking decisions.

During this mulitplier event (ME) of the project Ensite Environmental Socio-Scientific Issues in Initial teacher education) we will present and discuss examples of how students in Initial teacher education can learn about statistics and SSI and how they in turn can teach this in secondary school.


Target group: Teacher educators of STEM

Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands


Thursday May 14, 13:00-17:00 International meeting (ME): Environmental SSI in mathematics and science teacher education

Friday may 15, 10:00-16:00 national (dutch) conference for teacher educators of STEM, with an international track (in English) on Environmental Socio-Scientific Issues in Initial teacher education


More information:

If you want to participate please send an email to:

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Utrecht, the Netherlands


Utrecht University