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STEMkey Module 12 – Teaching knowledge, skills and attitudes in Digital Technology: Algorithms and Data

Algorithms and data support creative programming solutions, and help to develop our own computational and algorithmic thinking. Algorithmic thinking automates the problem-solving process by creating a series of systematic logical steps that process a defined set of inputs and produce a defined set of outputs based on these. Algorithms and data are important standard topics of Information Technology and when solving any random problem in STEM. If we can transfer a problem into algorithms and defined strategies, the problem can be solved by robots. Data is a powerful source for understanding the real world around us.

The aim of this module is to present a conceptual and pedagogical foundation to cover digital technologies in higher education programmes, which lead to an increased digital key competences of future STEM teachers. The module will provide guidelines for future teachers on how to transform teaching and learning while using ICT and delivering fundamental digital topics, which nurture the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes likewise.


Download the STEMkey Poster on “Algorithms and Data”

Download the materials for module 12 here, available in English. The materials include an outline, worksheets and a presentation.

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