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STEMkey Module 5 – Teaching knowledge, skills and attitudes in Biology: Material cycles

Knowledge about Material Cycles is vital for understanding ecosystems and ecosystem services on the local, regional and global levels. When it comes to the current debate about climate change and possible strategies to cope with it, it is, for example, decisive that young citizens can understand how the carbon cycle (illustrative example worked on in this module) works on our planet.

For this purpose, the experts from the University of Innsbruck have developed teaching material on the carbon cycle, which consists of different modules, can be flexibly used, and expanded. The acquisition of competencies on the carbon cycle also leads to reflective handling of socio-scientific issues, such as climate change. Intellectual Output 5 bridges the gap between the importance of acquiring knowledge and the boring way it is taught by connecting material cycles across disciplines and connecting them to a real-life context. The food production industry is one of the largest CO2 producers on our planet. Young people need to acquire knowledge and skills to make thoughtful decisions when it comes to choosing food and become more sensitive to food waste and food transport (develop attitudes). Therefore, we developed teaching material, which can be directly linked to school or private gardens and raise awareness for the topic of food production.

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Download the materials for module 5 here, available in English. The materials include an outline, worksheets and a presentation.

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