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STEMkey Module 6 – Teaching knowledge, skills and attitudes in Chemistry: Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions bear outstanding potential to be connected to many profound processes of life on Earth: e.g. reproduction, digestion, growth, birth of stars, the universe and development of matter…however the topic is presented very formally: often approached by showing examples as a first step and then, consequently, calculating various chemical equations. This mostly happens theoretically without integrating experimental activities and connections to everyday life. Therefore, for many students at school, these calculations and equations are little more than numbers and letters without any relevant meaning, hard to understand at that.

The aim of Module 6, provided by the Charles University in Prague, is to present a conceptual and pedagogical guidance for the topic Chemical Reactions within the EU’s Key Competence Framework. Offering examples for teachers’ and learner’s activities, starting off from an analysis of textbooks and other instructional materials, IO6 provides background information, guidance, and worksheets for pre-service Chemistry/Science/STEM teachers education.

girls working on chemistry

You can download here:

STEMkey Poster 6_Chemical_Reactions

Download the materials for module 6 here, available in English. The materials include an outline, worksheets and a presentation.

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