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STEMkey Module 9 – Teaching knowledge, skills and attitudes in Physics: Light

STEMkey Module 9 focuses on the standard topic of light and aims to prepare pre-service teachers to understand the topic of light, to provide pedagogical guidelines on how to address students’ difficulties on the specific topic, and engage them with innovative strategies, including the use of technology, to realize the EU Key Competence Framework in physics education.

Module 9 has its focus on the following competence-based aspects:

  • Knowledge: to understand reflection and diffusion of light
  • Skills: to use evidence to support their reasoning, develop argumentation skills and develop technological skills related to the use of virtual labs and shared designing spaces (i.e.
  • Attitudes: to develop a critical appreciation and curiosity of science in general, and in particular of light and its relevance for each of our lives.

Download the materials for module 9 here, available in English, German, Slovenian, Netherlands & Turkish. The materials include an outline and a presentation.

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