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Boylan, Mark (Paper Pres.)

room KA 211

Policy shifts in primary mathematics professional development in England: hybrid roles and system leadership

Boylan, Mark, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Adams, Gill, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Our contribution focuses on national change initiatives in school mathematics and specifically in the primary phase in England. We focus on three time periods and roles promoted through national policy during these times. The first role we examine are the full-time National Numeracy Strategy consultants numeracy from 1997 to around 2006. Trained consultants led a cascade model of training as well as having ongoing advisory role in schools. The second role, during 2007-2012, is the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics supported teacher leaders of enquiry groups and teacher networks. From a system leadership perspective their role entailed adaptive leadership. The third period is the current role of the primary mathematics mastery specialists in England. Specialists undertake a two year programme and are then tasked with leading change in their own school and working with other schools through the creation of small collaborative professional development networks – styled as Teacher Research Groups. The mastery specialist is a hybrid role. They are tasked with implementation of a nationally advocated pedagogy and at the same time with fostering teacher networks focused on developing local practices and ongoing collaborative professional development. Considering the three roles gives insight into professional development leader roles.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2019