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Griebel, Stephan (Workshop)


room KA 209

A European reference framework for STEM Education

Griebel, Stephan, Business Development and Alliances Europe, Texas Instruments

A common European framework of reference is well established for languages. For STEM education nothing comparable is available.  Wouldn’t it be good to have something like that? Still it is difficult to move with children from one country to another and select the best fitting school type. It’s even more difficult to apply for a job in another country as the marks don’t tell much about the actual qualifications. If everybody in Europe would know what – analog to languages – B2 in mathematics or A2 in biology would mean, wouldn’t it immensely facilitate mobility between schools and countries?

In the workshop the participants will discuss the idea of a common European framework of reference for STEM subjects. In particular we want to carve out arguments ‘pro’ (“Super idea, because…”) and ‘con’ (“Dumpest idea ever, because…”).

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Monday, 7 October 2019