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Moeller, Babette (Paper Pres.)

Paper Presentation

room KA 106

Math for All: Scaling-Up and Evaluating A Teacher Professional Development Program for Personalizing Mathematics Instruction In Grades K–5

Moeller, Babette, Education Development Center, New York, United States

Cohen, Marvin, Bank Street College of Education, New York, United States

McLeod, Matt, Education Development Center, New York, United States

Duncan, Teresa, Deacon Hill Research Associates, Fredericksburg, United States

Hitchcock, John, Abt Associates, Cambridge, United States

Meier, Ellen, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, United States

Hollands, Fiona, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, United States

Math for All (MFA) is an intensive, evidence-based professional development (PD) program designed to help general and special education teachers in Grades K–5 to personalize rigorous mathematics instruction for a wide range of learners, including students who are low performing, and students with disabilities. With funding from the Education Innovation and Research (EIR) program of the U.S. Department of Education, we are currently working on a five-year effort to regionally scale up this program across a variety of settings and with diverse populations in the state of Illinois. The goal of this presentation is to share the strategies we are using for scaling-up MFA, to ensure the depth of implementation, sustainability, spread to a large number of teachers and students, and shift to local ownership of Math for All. Scale-up strategies include building capacity among local staff developers to implement a published teacher professional development program, including school leaders in the PD, and embedding the PD for teachers into teachers’ regular workday. We will also describe our approach for researching these efforts, and to report preliminary findings about how our scaling strategies (urban, rural) play out in different settings and different school contexts.



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Monday, 7 October 2019