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Mooldijk, Ad (Paper Pres.)

Paper Presentation

room KA 102

A model for educating educators in Suriname is adapted by making the education partly blended

Mooldijk, Ad, Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands

Valk van der, A.E., Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands

In 2015, a model was presented at the ETEII for a project to enhance the physics teaching in Suriname. a selection of Teachers was instructed to use more activating activities in the classroom and to educate as training teachers their fellow teachers. Within the project the model was successful. The trainer teachers and the other teachers however lacked enough experience with especially experiments and they asked for more support. A new project is started. We adapted the model with the experiences and insights from the former project. Training is now also done by a website, focused on the method that is used in Suriname. The website contains didactic suggestions and video-clips in which experiments are being performed and accompanying clips with practical and didactical suggestions. In the presentation we tell more about the model and we have the first experiences with this blended form of educating educators.

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Monday, 7 October 2019