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Pöhler, Birte (Paper Pres.)

room KA 106

Coping with teachers’ contributions in discussions – A case study on facilitators’ practices in PD courses on language-responsive mathematics teaching

Pöhler, Birte, Institute for Development and Research in Mathematics Education (IEEM), TU Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany

There is a wide consensus that facilitators play a crucial role in professional development programs (PD programs) and taken responsibility for its quality. However their facilitation practices, for example in leading discussion, have not yet been empirically investigated very deeply (especially content-related). The current case study consists of n = 5 facilitators in a PD program on language-responsive mathematics teaching and aims at the content-related reconstruction of their facilitation practices. Therefore an in-depth qualitative analysis identifies their underlying activated orientations, categories and situative goals within the theoretical framework of content-related facilitator expertise. The first results show that noticing the teachers’ learning with regard to language-responsive mathematics teaching and taking it into account is crucial for coping with teachers’ contributions in discussions and a goal-oriented facilitation on language-responsive mathematics teaching. That means that a detailed pedagogical content knowledge especially on the PD level is required and has to be integrated and focussed in facilitator preparation programs.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2019