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Science Show – Experiments with Fire


Science Show: Experiments with Fire

by Joachim Lerch

Through impressive experiments in Science shows, students can be inspired and motivated for the natural sciences. This motivation often positively affects the school lessons afterwards. If the experiments are still explained and some students are involved, Science shows can be an enrichment to STEM education.

Joachim started as an aircraft mechanic and studied math, physics and technology to become a teacher. As a teacher trainer he worked for the ministry of education. In 1998 he founded „Science & Technologie e.V.“, a non-profit organization, to promote science and technology and is still its president. In 2000 he started the first German Science Festival in Freiburg. Ever since, this festival takes place twice every year.

2001 Joachim founded EUSEA (European Science Engagement Association) – the international network of science festivals and was its president until 2004. He has published more than 30 books and articles, under it also three children’s books on science.




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Tuesday, 8 October 2019