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Veldkamp, Alice (Workshop)

room KA 101

No escape: the basics and the possibilities for educators of the bottom-up phenomenon ‘escape rooms’ in education

Veldkamp, Alice, Utrecht University, Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands

Daemen, Joke, Utrecht University, Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands

Commercial escape rooms have inspired teachers to adapt the popular entertainment activity for education, especially in STEM education. This global bottom-up phenomenon in education is implemented in various ways. Students use their knowledge and skills either to solve problems and “escape” the room, or built an escape room themselves. The implementation of escape rooms in educations has been scaled up by teachers, without institutes for teacher education or professional development. This workshop will start to bridge the knowledge gap for educators. The workshop gives educators an experience with an educational escape room. Subsequently, the participants experiences will be related to research on the experiences of students and teachers in secondary education and higher education with educational escape rooms. The workshops closes with a summary of possibilities and pitfalls of the use of educational escape rooms. 

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Tuesday, 8 October 2019