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Walter, Markus Ralf (Workshop)


room KA 106

SIA – student – engineer – academy

Walter, Markus, SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Baden-Württemberg, Emmendingen, Germany

The workshop will deal with the special and in many areas different forms of learning in an academy in the context of everyday school life. In different contexts, students experience concepts of STEM promotion. Based on a practical problem, learning processes are experienced and consolidated at different learning locations.

It is network cooperation between schools, universities and companies of one region with the aim of increasing the quality and attractiveness of educational services. We will complete the in depth background with a practical insight into mathematics lesson untypical approach for schools using the example of a specific project from the Freiburg region, e.g. the SIA Hochschwarzwald.

Thus, the participants experience a transition from the academic or conceptual level to the operational application by experts.

Event Timeslots (1)

Tuesday, 8 October 2019