Environmental Socio-Scientific Issues in Initial Teacher Education

Multiplier Events

We organize national and international multiplier events for educational stakeholders to disseminate the modules for initial teacher education (ITE) that are developed within the project. The multiplier events aim at initializing dialogue on the matters at hand and substantiate the projects’ findings.

Online Seminar / Multplier Event, May 20, 2021 by Elwier / Ecent, Utrecht University

Theme: Environmental socio-scientific issues in mathematics and science teacher education

Utrecht University, Netherlands

Should vaccination be compulsory? Is it possible to use only ‘renewable energy’? Can global warming be stopped?

The relevance of paying attention to this type of socially relevant scientific dilemma’s (socio-scientific issues) in teacher training for science and mathematics is increasing. After all, education has the task of preparing pupils for a future in which they are able to think along and decide on these kinds of issues.

SSI are little structured, open problems or dilemmas that have multiple solutions. Underlying data plays an important role in making decisions on such issues. Using mathematics, in particular statistics on large databases, therefor can play an important part in this.

In this multiplier event of the ENSITE project we will talk about how science and mathematics teacher educators can incorporate SSI. We focus on environmental SSI and use experiences and ideas from ENSITE and other European projects on this subject (Parrise, MasDiv).

We invite teacher educators of STEM-subjects and other interested parties to register.


Target group: Teacher educators of STEM

Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands


Thursday 20th May 2021, 13:45-17:00


Environmental SSI in mathematics and science teacher education

13:45-14:00 Introduction
14:00-14:45 Invited plenary – Christine Knippels (Utrecht University, Freudenthal Institute) – SSI and IBL
14:45-15:00 Break
15:00-16:30 Topic discussions

Participants will learn how to teach science and maths, with the use of socioscientific issues.

If you want to participate please send an email to: m.wijers@uu.nl

For more details please visit here.

International Event, 28-29 August 2021 in Turkey

Theme: Incorporating Socio-Scientific Issues in STEM Education

Hacettepe University, Turkey

How would you persuade someone to take COVID-19 vaccine? How can we tackle with climate change? As a teacher, how would you use socio-scientific issues in your classroom practice?

The citizens make their decisions based on their knowledge, beliefs, social values, worldviews, as well as based on the understanding about science and its nature. The participation of the public in discussion, policy debates and decision-making about science-related issues is essential to maintain a healthy democracy. This ENSITE Multiplier Event aims to discuss with teachers, teacher educators and policy makers how to incorporate socio-scientific issues in STEM education. The Event will take place as part of the 2nd International STEM Education Conference and the 2nd International STEM Teachers Conference, which will be held on August 28-29, 2021 in Cappadocia, Turkey. Accordingly, the theme of this year’s conference is “incorporating socio-scientific issues in STEM education”. There will be plenary talks, workshops, poster presentations and show and talk sessions. In particular, outcomes of the ENSITE project and other national and European projects on SSIs will be presented at this event.

Internationale Event, November 2021 in Cyprus

Theme: International Forum on Teacher Professional Development and Socio-Scientific Issues

University of Nicosia, Cyprus

This stand-alone, international event brings together experts in the area of socio-scientific issues and teacher education to discuss recent trends, synergies and collaboration as well as exploitation capacity.

The specific objective of this multiplier event is to provide a venue for ITE teachers and curriculum developers in Higher Education, and other policy makers to discuss and share good practices and ideas on further improving teacher education related to socio-scientific issues. The multiplier event starts with an invited plenary, followed by workshops and lectures that provide concrete examples of how to include SSIs in ITE for science and mathematics teacher educators.


National Event, February 2022 in Malta

Theme: Seminar on using Socio-Scientific Issues in Science Education

University of Malta, Malta 

The specific objective of this Maltese multiplier event is to introduce project materials and ideas on teaching Socio-Scientific Issues (SSIs) and show how these ideas can be implemented in ITE. Participants will be actively involved in discussions and will be informed about all initiatives and experiences. The national event will involve discussions related to the support and needs of future science teachers when implementing lessons on environmental SSIs in their classroom in the Maltese context.


National Event, June 2022 in Norway

Theme: Workshop on deigning a lesson on environmental Socio-Scientific Issues

Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Univeriteit (NTNU), Norway

This Multiplier Event is a national workshop, taking place in Norway linked to the Norwegian education conference. Target groups of this event are teachers in STEM at secondary school, representatives from ITE and researchers from the field of teacher education.

The specific objective of this Norwegian multiplier event is to introduce the modules on Reasoning, argumentation & critical thinking as well as on Designing a SSI lesson as other project materials necessary to deliver a valuable and complete insight into our project and its results. Participants will learn ways how our findings affect teaching and how our materials can be used to design a lesson. They will also learn how they can use media reports as a starting point to raise particular topics in class. We will involve discussions about necessary adaptations to the Norwegian context and participants will gain awareness on how different national contexts influence the design and delivery of a lesson on environmental SSI.


International Event, August 2022 in Slovakia

Theme: Socio-Scientific Issues in mathematics and science teacher education

Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia

This international one-day conference will include plenary lectures as well as seminars and workshops. Target groups of this events are teachers in higher education, PhD students, policy makers, curricula designers and scientists in general pedagogy and theory of education, mathematics and science subjects.

The specific objective of this Maltese multiplier event is to introduce project materials and ideas on teaching Socio-Scientific Issues (SSIs), discuss their contents, relevance and implications. Participants will get to know the project`s outputs, gain knowledge on environmental issues and how they affect their role as teachers of future generations. The event will support them in including Socio-Scientific Issues into their future teaching, academic and scientific work.


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