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“Only three insect removers can convince”.

This is the headline oft he spring edition of a well-known car magazine about an annoying problem for all car owners. But what about the actual impact on the insect world and thus on nature as a whole?

Insects are of fundamental importance in nature. Whether as pollinators for plants or as food for animals, without our six-legged fellow creatures, not much goes right. In a densely populated region like Central Europe, with roads covering the entire area, the question arises as to what effects the mass death of insects on bumpers and the like has on nature.

Try to estimate how many insects collide with vehicles on your country‘s roads each year. How much do these insects weigh?

Practitioner Tip:

If you have a car, you can clean the license plate or part of the bumper, mark it if necessary (consult with parents!) and then evaluate the insect hits after a long drive (how far?).

Picture sources: RalfDesigns on pixabay, P. Steurer
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