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Visibility and Wet Road

Being one of our five senses, humans heavily rely on their sight, making vision and visibility important aspects of our daily lives. Good sight is an important safety issue, especially when driving or cycling at night, when lots of people…

General Science, Physics
Heat pump

It has become cold and the heating season begins. An important technology of the future for this kind of weather is the heat pump. But how does it work? When you inflate a bicycle tire, the pump gets warm in…

Engineering, Physics
CO₂ Budget

CO₂, climate crisis – everyone knows by now that we have a problem. To deal with it properly, we also need to understand the math behind it. The greenhouse gases that make our earth warmer stay in the atmosphere for…

Chemistry, General Science, Geography, Mathematics, Physics
The weather on your 100th birthday

Your birthday is a very special day of the year. Hopefully the weather will be fine so you can do special things: throw snowballs, have a garden-party in the sun, enjoy the colored leaves on a forest hike or fly…

General Science, Geography, Mathematics, Physics