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Teacher Professional Development

PRIMAS Module 6 – Building on Knowledge

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Inquiry-based teaching assumes that students are not ‘blank slates’ but actively thinking individuals with diverse skills and ideas. Research indicates that effective teaching incorporates prior learning to adapt to students’ needs. This module explores assessing performance through problems, using formative assessment to enhance learning, identifying helpful and unhelpful feedback types, and engaging students in the assessment process.

This module contains a session guide and handout for educators, along with several video clips demonstrating how formative assessment enhances a classroom environment focused on building on knowledge.

Video 1 Activity C
Video 2 Activity C
Video Activity D
Video Activity F
Video 1 Activity G
Video 2 Activity G
Video 3 Activity G
Video Activity H

About Primas
The Primas Project ran from 2010-2013 and was funded under the EU´s 7th Framework Programme for Research. An important part of the work of PRIMAS has been to provide teachers with professional development programmes that can support them in integrating and applying inquiry-based learning approaches in their mathematics and science classrooms.

A total of 7 modules have been developed. These modules deal with some of the pedagogical challenges that arise when introducing IBL activities to the classroom. The intention is that, as part of the Professional Development (PD) process, teachers will plan inquiry-based lessons to use with their own class and, at a later meeting, report back on their experiences.

Click here for other modules in this project.

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Teacher Professional Development
Guiding Themes
Inquiry-based learning, Reallife Problems
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Number - Variable - Operation, Measuring, Space and form, Functional Relationship, Data and probability
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