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Austria: Community garden

Research question: What was the research question? What are the underlaying regional problems?

How can we keep the long supply chains for fruit and vegetables as short as possible and create awareness of the regional of products?

Colourful fruits and vegetables on a table.

Approach: How did you proceed?

Based on the plans of our colleagues, we thought about the implementation of our community garden. The most important aspect in our eyes was that the beds are also cared for and cared for in the summer months and during the holidays. For this reason, we have started to acquire interested fellow citizens for our projects. We met with them once after our SCP Leader made an appointment. Here, too, the University of Innsbruck again supported us. Together we have now drawn up a plan that is beneficial for everyone.

A black on white footprint icon with CO2 printed all over it.

Solution: What are your findings?

We found out, that we can grow a lot of vegetables in our garden and in this way reduce the carbon footprint of our meals. We also gained a lot of specific knowledge on how to grow vegetables. Together with the community members, we grow vegetables that we can use in the school kitchen now. Working together we also learned many useful things from the community member.

Recommendation: What solutions have you developed for the regional problem(s)?

We have managed to bring together different members from our community with our garden in order to create a social awareness for food in our community. It was possible that fresh vegetables could be harvested throughout the summer in order to keep the carbon footprint low

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