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Austria: Raised beds

Research question: What was the research question? What are the underlaying regional problems?

The project pursues the goal of carrying out projects together with community members that make our school and our region a bit more liveable and that arise from the field of sustainability. The class decided to start a project with the aim of making part of the school yard more attractive and at the same time making it usable. Then small raised beds were built together with your handcraft teacher and with the support of a few other parishioners.

A plant bed.

Approach: How did you proceed?

In a further step, the students filled them with green material, soil and compost lying around in order to generate rich soil in the long term. After that was done, everyone worked hard and so the first plants could already be planted in the “insert month”. The small raised beds have since acted as small “snack boxes”. The fresh strawberries (other FRUIT) and useful herbs of all kinds add value to every snack.

Solution: What are your findings?

Not much material is needed to carry out a sustainable project that brings the students closer to nature and promotes an awareness of nutrition and quality of life. Working together with community members also promoted the children’s sense of community and resulted in fruitful discussions that encourage learning from and with one another.


Recommendation: What solutions have you developed for the regional problem(s)?

We installed a community bed in our school yard.

A student cutting an herb from a bush.
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