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Lithuania: I’m changing my habits – saving water!

By September 2023No Comments

Teacher of Prienai Revuonos lower secondary school Kristina Nastulevičienė.

Reducing daily water consumption can be achieved effortlessly by mobilising the whole community and changing daily habits. The research question is: how can we save water in special education?

During the project period, we brought the whole community together to share the savings “virus”: students and teachers, dormitory teachers and caretakers, teaching assistants, cleaners and drivers. We organised community meetings where we divided up activities: for 2 weeks, we monitored water use habits in the kitchen, toilets and washrooms.  During the observation discussion, we made saving decisions and spent one month learning new water saving habits. During this time, activities took place in the classrooms: some made water saving reminder stickers, others checked the leakage rate of the toilet cisterns (using coloured water), and others searched for information on water wastage.

The “Does the toilet flush?” test showed that 2 out of 9 cisterns tested flush.  After informing the school administration, the faulty taps were repaired.

Information and reminders (stickers) on how everyone can save water (in washrooms, toilets, kitchen) were distributed throughout the special education department (2 buildings) to help people to develop a new saving habit.

Classes have produced informative “BLUE PLAYS”, which are displayed in the common areas of the special education unit.

We shared the project activities, results and recommendations on the school website. Each student who took part in the project took water saving reminders/stickers home to spread the water saving “virus” to their families.

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