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MOST Best Practice

Malta: Fostering Sustainable Development Goal Awareness

Promoting active citizenship

The school administration conducted a questionnaire with staff, parents/guardians and students and discovered a community deficit with issues related to sustainability (as expressed in the SDGs) and consequently on how to make sustainable choices and live sustainable lifestyles. The school initiated a string of student-led projects under the theme Together for Our Planet of which Fostering SDG Awareness is a component. The overall aim was to facilitate a whole-school approach to learning all the leaners (from KG to Year 6). Besides a general increase in awareness of the SDGs, this SCP included as Priority Targets certain SDGs (i.e., SDGs 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15) in the School’s Development Plan and have now become part and parcel of our teaching and learning:

To promote active citizenship skills and 21st century skills amongst the young learners, a cross-curricular approach that integrated various other projects and programmes thus promoting a systemic viewpoint was adopted. Students were encouraged to reflect on their actions and how they can achieve some targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. The school focused on providing a variety of actions aimed at enhancing the children’s curiosity and responsibility towards the surroundings through activities that involve their families and consequently the community.

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