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IES Fuente de la Peña (Jaén)

This project pursues the awareness and active involvement of the students of the IES Fuente de la Peña (Secondary Education) in the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste as the main axis in the fight against climate change. In this way, it is intended to reflect on the leitmotiv of the school “We are the change”, making the students responsible and the main agents for the transformation of our habits. In addition to the scientific, technical and language knowledge that the project will bring, “ECOFUENTE POR EL AMBIENTE” aspires to the creation of an environmental mini-company that organizes information and environmental awareness workshops.

With this purpose, the main actions of this project comprised the recycling of used oil to make soap while learning the scientific mechanisms working below this process. The collaboration with a residence for elderly helped the students to learn about the traditional ways to elaborated soap. In this sense, the methodology that was applied to carry out the different tasks addressed in the project was the cooperative learning. The handmade soap bars, and other items made from waste, were sold in a Christmas market. The profits from this market have been used for charitable purposes such as helping a the residence for elderly named before.

A big group of students are making and selling their own cheese.

In addition, we have created a mini-company to manage the production and sale of recycled items and soap, several workshops have been held (recycling, soap making, Scratch, etc) as well as a podcast on recycling. The mini-company ECOFUENTE responds to the need and desire to address environmental problems from our closest environment: the school, the neighborhood and the homes of the members of the educational community (students, teachers, non-teaching staff) and it provides answers to issues raised related to the generation of waste and promotes greater citizen commitment through actions and dynamics based on environmental education.

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