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Spain: El club L@S PEATONIN@S

By May 2022July 14th, 2022No Comments

CEIP Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Villacarrillo) and CEIP Francisco Vílchez (Arroyo del Ojanco)

The Early Childhood students (4 years old) of the CEIP Nuestra Señora del Rosario from Villacarrillo and the 3-years-old students of the CEIP Francisco Vílchez from Arroyo del Ojanco, participated in the project together. The initial motivating activity was a video of the local police showing their concern about the high levels of pollution in both towns. They ask the students to become part of the pedestrian patrol, and thus collaborate to raise awareness among the people of our town about the importance of moving on foot or using sustainable transport and thus reduce the use of the car.

A group of students is building a city out of paper. They drew a presentation names "how to fight against climate change".

To do this, girls and boys have overcome different challenges that they themselves proposed: learning to be good pedestrians, detecting possible architectural barriers and dangerous places and/or difficult mobility, developing  materials that help movement (vests, signs of traffic…), carrying out an awareness campaign against climate change, creating murals/models of the street where we live to know and learn the elements that make it up, creating different routes and establishing the “andabús” with the help of families and the City Hall. This “andabús” consists of groups of children who live in the same neighborhood that meet at a point to walk to school, accompanied by one or more adults who commit to being part of this initiative. In addition, a Decalogue of environmental guidelines has been prepared and distributed among the inhabitants of the towns. The students have learned what climate change is and have become aware of the importance of carrying out small daily gestures that help us stop it.

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