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MOST Best Practice


By May 2022July 14th, 2022No Comments

CEIP María Zambrano (Jaén)

This SCP arose from the need to take advantage of the clothes that the students forget in the school, that nobody claims and that accumulates in the school’s warehouse. The purpose of the project has been to put an end to the consumerism of clothing among the population and promote sustainable shopping habits. In addition, we related it to the work that the students were doing about their time as babies and reflecting on how to take advantage of the clothes that are too small for them.

A group of students is weaving a piece of art.

The focus of the project has revolved around PBL (project based learning) opening new paths for students to seek solutions on the subject matter. In addition, we involved several members of the community, such as students from the University of Jaén, who held various exhibitions on recycling and climate change. Throughout the project, students were able to investigate, learn about and disseminate the possible use of the useless clothes we throw away. The students gave a second life to these clothes making works of art or other objects that served to raise awareness in the community about sustainable consumption and that were sold in an exhibition that the students managed, in exchange for non-perishable products that were donated to Cáritas in its food campaign.

This project helped to raise awareness of the need to reduce the growing consumer habits in society as a way to contribute to environmental sustainability. In addition, collaboration with a non-profit organization was promoted, increasing the social impact of this SCP.

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