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MOST Best Practice


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CEIP Alfredo Cazabán (Jaén)

This SCP involved 21 students (2nd level of Primary Education), 1 teacher and 13 people from society. It was born during the last days of the previous academic course 2020/2021. The students, cleaning their cases, realized that they did not know in which bin they should throw the waste they find and thus many questions arose: “Teacher, where do they throw the old markers? And the dry glues? And the wax crayons? Facing this problem, the students investigated and discovered that the waste of school materials should be deposited in the clean point and they decided to collect all the waste of the other Primary Education classmates, to classify it and to carry out a school cooperative in which to manufacture objects from the waste with the help of the residents of a Residence for the Elderly and the Art School of Lugo (Galicia). Then, they sell those objects to donate the profits to the Food Bank of Jaén, and finally recycle, where appropriate, what cannot be reused.

Students are creating ornaments with a group of older residents.

Thus, from the waste found in their cases, the students became deeply interested in Art Projects and Color Theory. Therefore, to advance in this knowledge some institutions took part in this SCP that helped to shape the starting idea, becoming co-creators without being mere companions, but an important part of our adventure. In this case, students from the “Ramón Falcó” School of Art in Lugo helped us study the color with which to make our creations and the “Altos de Jontoya” Residence for the Elderly in Jaén taught us to work in values.

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