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Spain: Un parque ecológico para el Boulevar- Tercer ciclo.

By May 2022July 14th, 2022No Comments

Recolectores de lluvia y mobiliario – CEIP Gloria Fuertes (Jaén)

This SCP emerged from underlying problems of the school neighborhood: dirty streets, open areas next to the school usually full of waste, lack of green areas near the school, poor recycling habits in the neighborhood and scarce recycling containers or bins in the neighborhood.

With this in mind, the objective of this SCP is to design an ecological park for the Boulevard neighborhood, where the school in located. This park will improve life in our school, our neighborhood, our city and our planet. The investment is minimal since the park will be built with recycled materials and will be self-sufficient through trees with solar panels and rain collectors. Being a living project, the final product will be a model of the park that will grow little by little. This SCP will take place from October 2021 to June 2022, therefore it is currently under development, and involve the entire school although the actions to carry it out will be different at each educational level.

To design the project, different initiatives were organized collaboratively. First of all, teachers were informed about the SCP and the next step was to involve community members to make the project come true. The different participating courses were surveyed for the possibility of having a father/mother expert in architecture. A student’s father is an architect and he joined the project to help in the design of a construction plan based on the ideas that came to him as a result of the different proposals made by students and teachers. Then, each course/class began to work on their intermediate tasks and the search for solutions to build an ecological park.

A group of students is working on different environmental projects.

In the case of the third cycle of primary school (5th and 6th levels), they were in charge of actions concerning recycling and making videos for the advertising campaign. For instance, in the subject of Natural Sciences, they investigated solid waste and its recycling, all the research reports were collected in a Google Sites. In the case of the Language lessons, they work on persuasive texts with the aim of writing a letter to convince the Mayor of Jaén of the convenience of building the ecological park for the neighborhood and for the planet. A radio program is also being developed and some advertising videos are expected to be produced. In Mathematics, a questionnaire was developed to survey the members of the educational community about their recycling habits and results were analyzed statistically. Students also took measurements on a mockup of the park to transfer them proportionally to reality, as well as actual measurements of different areas of the plot on which the park is to be built (perimeters, surfaces…). In Robotics and Computational Thinking, different proposals for designing of several park elements were discussed, such as: trees with solar panels, fun containers, an amphitheater, etc. Finally, in Plastic Education, they designed different park spaces with recycled materials.

In conclusion, this SCP has contributed to raise awareness in the community about the need to improve spaces in the neighborhood where the school is located, to design proposals for the building of an ecological park rehabilitating a deteriorated location near the school, and to encourage interaction between families in the neighborhood allowing them to enjoy a new park in the future.

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