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Sweden: Reduce littering at school

By May 2022July 14th, 2022No Comments

The principal, teacher and caretaker at Rosenlundsskolan in Jönköping noticed that the littering of the schoolyards had increased, especially during the weekends. With this fact as a basis, a project started.

In May 2021, the students in year 4 at Rosenlundsskolantog, together with Marlene Svensson, waste educator from June Avfall & Miljö, produced sticky notes that were placed on the school’s bins. In June, they also painted green footprints leading to the trash cans.

Already at the beginning of November, you can see an improvement with less littering.

A drawn image of 2 white-pink cherry blossoms, saying: "Tack för att du slänger skräpet här" above it and underneath it: "/Eleverna pa Rosenlundsskolan"
A drawn image of a bee saying: "Du, det är inte för sent att hjälpa till att halla rent"
A garbage can with a bee printed on its front. There is green foot prints in front of it pointing toward it.
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