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Sweden: Wasteyard Safaris

By May 2022July 14th, 2022No Comments

Classes in all cohorts may book a Wasteyard safari. The classes are bussed out to a sorting yard where the children can discover the sorting yard’s “Big Five”. The idea of these sorting yard safaris is for the children to learn in a fun way about recycling, waste, sorting at source, the cycle and what people can contribute to improving the environment.

A group of students in yellow wests is raising their arms. A person in front wearing a safari hat is pointing towards one of the students.
A group of people in yellow vests is standing on a parking lot with old fridges and washing mashines.

Wasteyard Safaris has been running since the start of the MOST project and will continue in 2022. Until 2021, around 20 classes have participated in our SCPs and learned more about how we can improve the environment, valuable knowledge that children hopefully carry with them throughout life.

Here you can read more about Wasteyard Safaris and also book a visit. Link to another website, opens in a new window (

Media about Wasteyard Safaris Link to another website (Swedish TV), opens in a new window (—meaningful-open-schooling-connects-schools-to-communities.html).

A woman in a safari hat and a yellow west is on a stage with a microfone and points toward a person raising their hand with an umbrella in it.
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