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Turkey: Solar Energy Source of Our School

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Alternative Energy by Solar Panels

The aim of the SCP

In the project it is aimed to investigate how much solar panels benefited from solar panels in the solar panel established school, the amount of energy produced and energy marketing.

Community Dimension of the Project

  • Opportunities to utilise solar energy as an alternative energy source,
  • Economic profits related to energy production and marketing,
  • Gaining awareness about solar panels.


In the project, 10 students and eight stakeholders participated voluntarily. Some students from different educational levels interested in the subject also participated. Energy engineer and solar panels company, science teachers, pre-service science teachers, academicians, school administrators, parents, and visiting students were the stakeholders.


The research process of the project was planned together with the stakeholders in an online meeting. In addition, the following issues were addressed.

– The amount of energy consumed by our school per month,

– Selection of solar panels,

– The number of solar panels needed to generate all energy from the sun,

– The area of the school roof,

– Calculation of how many panels can be used on the school roof,

– Points to be considered in the placement of panels.

Act stage

The number of solar panels was calculated according to the amount of energy our school needs per month. During the calculations, the required number of solar panels with dimensions of 1665 cm x 996 cm on the roof area of 1617 m2 was determined as 570. The information obtained from the stakeholders that the school consumes an average of 14,577 kW of energy per month, and graphs of how much energy was saved thanks to solar panels were drawn. While saving energy, at the same time, the profit from the electricity generated is determined.


The students both informed their close environment about the ways in which the energy needed is obtained from solar panels and shared information about the ways to be followed for energy saving. The results were also presented the MOST Fair held on November 26-27, 2022.


During the project process, it was evaluated how alternative energy produced by solar panels could be gained, the project process and whether the project achieved its objectives.

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