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EU funded project MaSDiV in its final year

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Goals and activities in MaSDiV`s final year

MaSDiV aims to support maths and science teachers in accommodating cultural, socioeconomic and performance related diversity in their classrooms. Central to this project is the inclusion of a social and intercultural dimension in maths and science classes. Teachers shall be equipped to foster students’ understanding of fundamental values of our society through their maths and science lessons.


Within the first two years, an innovative PD course was designed and implemented in all participating countries: Cyprus, Germany, Malta, Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands. In the final project year, evaluation of the PD courses` impact is in full swing: During the 5th project meeting which took place in Cyprus in May 2019, all partners presented and exchanged experiences first results of the national case studies. This laid the groundwork for the cross-country comparison, led by the renowned research institute, the IPN in Kiel, which also takes care of the quantitative analysis of gathered data of the piloted PD course.

Also in preparation is a MaSDiV booklet for teachers and teacher educators under the lead of the Dutch team. The booklet will contain information on the MaSDiV subjects, the PD course as well as ready to use classroom materials which were developed as part of the project.

The project meeting was also a good opportunity to contextualise the state-of-the art of the project. Finally, the main output of the project is achieved: A well tested and evidence based PD course. Focus for all partners in the final year of the project is disseminating and mainstreaming the measure on both, the national as well as the European level.

MaSDiV Consortium, Cyprus, May 2019

A special feature of the MaSDiV project is the cooperation of research facilities and ministries from six different European countries. In regard to the implementation of the MaSDiV PD course in the national systems, the ministry representatives play a key role as well as the members of the European Impact Board who further raise the impact of the project.

You want to know more about the MaSDiV project? Find out more here: ICSE International Projects_MaSDiV

The project MaSDiV (Supporting mathematics and science teachers in addressing diversity and promoting fundamental values) is funded with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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