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GEM – Empower Girls to Embrace their Digital and Entrepreneurial Potential

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New ICSE project wants to enable girls to contribute to Europe’s digital innovation processes.

The European Commission predicts a severe shortage of digital skills by 2020. Around half of Europe’s population is female, but only 15% work in tech sectors (2,4% in ICT related fields) and only around 20% are entrepreneurs. The untapped source of female technology, innovation and entrepreneurial potential leaves Europe with a huge and growing gender and skills gap in these sectors.

GEM offers learning activities to develop STEM-related and personal skills

Education certainly is the most important lever to enable and encourage girls to pursue studies and careers linked to STEM, particularly information and communication technology (ICT), and entrepreneurship.

This is where GEM spuds in, a European Union funded pilot project (LC-01380173 (Girls4STEM-2019)).

ICSE and each project partner will organize summer camps for girls, piloting various learning activities, which specifically support the development of a diverse range of STEM related and personal skills. Skills that enable girls to contribute to Europe’s digital innovation processes. We induce encouragement through raising the girls’ interest and confidence. Therefore, we put a particular focus on challenging stereotypes, highlighting inspirational role models and offering participating girls a possibility to enjoy themselves in the context of STEM and enjoy STEM.

The positive impact of the camps will be bolstered through the establishment of a long-term European network, connecting actors from various STEM education, digital and entrepreneurial spheres. Members will run diverse awareness-raising activities among society to address impending issues, to demonstrate the need and ways to support girls and to inform girls about their options.

An unbeatable mixture of STEM education expertise

Our consortium consists of higher education institutions from 11 European countries. Together with collaboration partners from business, policy and education providers in each country, we will draw from an unbeatable mixture of STEM education expertise, STEM/ICT subject knowledge and transnational project experience to make this project a success.

Are you interested in the project and wish to know more? Are you maybe a teacher and interested in sending your female students to one of our summer school activities? Get more information by contacting the project manager at!

The project is co-funded by the European Union under grant no. LC-01380173. Neither the European Union/European Commission are responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains for the content or liable for any losses or damage resulting of the use of these resources. It reflects only the authors view.

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