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Learn, Change, Move, Grow

3C4Life: A Policy Experimentation for the Professional Development of STEM Educators

Chrissi Fischer

Have you ever heard a teacher say, that they are looking for inspirations to improve their careers as professionals? Yes?! We have too!

Many teachers feel the desire to keep developing professionally. After a certain time spent on the job, they search for new ways of teaching or maybe want to advance their careers in a complelety new direction. In our new 3C4Life project six higher education institutions come together with six ministries of education in Germany, Turkey, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. Together they are creating online platforms that are designed to cater to this exact group of people within the participating countries.

Photo: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

Teachers will have the opportunity to get the support they need in order to find the inspiration they have been looking for. The platform will give them options for their professional development on a horizontal level, learning new skills and ways of teaching, in order to change up their class room environment and find new inspiration in their current position. It will also provide information on opportunities to advance on a vertical level, educating teachers on new career paths within their field or related fields. Who even knows what exact options teachers have, if they want to move up the career ladder or develop themselves in other ways?

The 3C4Life online platform will have answers to these questions. 3C4Life helps teachers find their way through their professional development with inspiration and innovation, based on individual needs and dreams.

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