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Lighthouse Activities

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Lighthouse Activities: Parents and Children Together Get on Science! Ankara, TÜRKİYE

by Onur Aydin, Cagla Susluay

The Lighthouse Activities organized by the Teachers First Foundation (ÖÖV) at Maya Schools were successfully held on January 13, 2023, with the participation of 184 parents, 20 students, and 30 teachers. These workshops, organized in collaboration with the Teachers First Foundation and the European Commission’s ICSE Factory Project, supported families in science education, developing sustainable solutions and exploring children’s career paths. The events included dynamic sessions and interactive activities that brought together educators, parents, and students to encourage creativity and scientific thinking in education.

The ICSE Science Factory Project aims to provide collaborative science learning opportunities to local communities, and LHA achieved this goal. By emphasizing real-world applications of science, the activities made a valuable contribution to lifelong learning.

The workshops emphasized authentic scenarios, interdisciplinary approaches, active participation, and collaborative work. In addition, professional workshop leaders such as academics, psychologists, organizational representatives, and storytellers offered inspiring experiences to parents and their children.

The “Climate Change” workshop explored the global and local impacts of environmental changes. The “Renewable Energy Workshop” allowed exploring the potential of solar energy. The “Energy Saving at Home” workshop showed practical ways to transition to sustainable lifestyles.

The “3D Modelling Printing” workshop, where technology and creativity intersect, provided participants with new skills. The “Compost Making Workshop” focused on the basic principles of sustainable waste management. The “Hydroponic Agriculture and Smart Greenhouse Workshop” emphasized the advantages of hydroponic agriculture, while the “Sports Screening and Wellness Workshop” explained the contributions of sports science to human health and the benefits of an active lifestyle.

The “Finding My Direction Gazing the Stars” workshop, which awakened curiosity about the sky, offered participants the opportunity to discover the mysteries of the sky using an astrolabe. This activity introduced the use of the astrolabe, a historical instrument used to understand the positions of the stars and the movements of celestial bodies, and showed participants the fascinating world of astronomy.

These engaging workshops opened the doors to learning science in a fun and engaging way. Encouraging families to spend educational and fun times with their children, these events stood out as an important step towards raising future leaders and scientists. These workshops increased participants’ interest and curiosity in science and helped them redefine the role of science in our lives.

The series of activities strengthened children’s and their families’ relationship with science and allowed them to explore the limitless possibilities of learning. These spectacular workshops transferred scientific knowledge to young minds and transformed education into a fun and interactive experience, thus providing participants of all ages with the opportunity to meet.

For further details about ICSEfactory and to stay informed about upcoming events, please visit the international website or local partners’ website!

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