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Local Partnership Convention and Lighthouse Activities

By December 2023January 9th, 2024No Comments

Local Partnership Convention and Lighthouse Activities Shine Bright at Kafkas STEM Center,  Kars

by Gokhan Kaya, Metin Sardag, Esma Hazal Yilmaz

In a bid to foster collaborative science learning opportunities at the local level, the ICSE Science Factory Project hosted Local Partnership Convention Meetings and engaging Lighthouse Activities at the Kafkas University STEM Center on December 23-24.

The ICSE Science Factory Project, known for its commitment to using interactive and enjoyable learning activities, aims to bring science closer to citizens. By emphasizing the practical applications of science to real-life challenges, the initiative strives to contribute significantly to the promotion of lifelong learning.

The convention meetings and lighthouse activities held at the STEM Center witnessed enthusiastic participation from a diverse audience, including children, parents, scientists, and researchers. The lively engagement underscored the success of the event in sparking interest and curiosity among attendees.

The events were carefully curated to promote interactive and hands-on learning experiences, ensuring that participants not only had fun but also gained valuable insights into the practical aspects of scientific knowledge. The lively atmosphere resonated with the ICSE Science Factory Project’s motto: Illuminate, Educate, Innovate!

The involvement of children and parents in these activities served as a testament to the project’s success in breaking down barriers to science education and making it an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all. Scientists and researchers also found the platform to be an excellent opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with the broader community.

The project’s call to “Illuminate, Educate, Innovate!” resonates as a rallying cry for all those passionate about fostering a love for science and learning within their communities.

For further details about ICSEfactory and to stay informed about upcoming events, please visit the international website or local partners’ website!

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