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MOST Exemplary science material: The Ocean “The blue waste dump”

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A story map about the relationship between humans and the ocean and the current challenges

This story map highlights the alarming state of our oceans. How our lifestyles and actions are directly affecting and destroying the ocean environment and the challenges we face. It also looks at ways forward and presents exemplary solutions from science, policy and civil society. And makes a case for collaboration, innovation, and optimism in times of crisis. Questions are raised for each of us: What can we do to spark change?

Photo: Fred T. on pixabay

Photo: Andrew Martin on pixabay

This story map is part of the exemplary science materials developed as part of the European-funded MOST project (Meaningful Open Schooling Connects Schools to Communities). For MOST, partners from research, politics, industry and education from ten European countries have joined forces to initiate Open Schooling projects: Students, teachers, citizens and experts from different fields work together and implement projects on the topic of sustainability. The idea behind MOST is to strengthen and develop students’ understanding of nature, how we are all a part of it, how our actions affect it, and how it affects us.

The MOST project is aimed at both primary and secondary schools. The goal is for students to work with local actors to help develop sustainable solutions in their community. The story map will serve as inspiration for developing and implementing projects within this theme.

So let’s get started! Have a look at the story map and ask yourself: What are the environmental challenges in our community? What can we and others do to address the issues facing your community and your country?

More information on MOST and its projects you can find here.

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