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“Multicultural Meal” has won the Scientix Translation Award

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Ready to use classroom material from the MaSDiV project is now available in 36 languages

We are happy to announce that the resource „Multicultural Meal“ is among the two winners of the Scientix Translation Service Campaign 4. The campaign invited teachers to vote for their favourite resources in the Scientix repository, in the STEM School Label category of instruction. It took place from 01 February to 30 April, coinciding with the STEM Discovery Campaign 2022, one of the biggest STEM initiatives worldwide, this year aimed at making STEM accessible to everyone.

Images:  tarheelgarden, Kevin Petit and  Igor Ovsyannykov on pixabay

The „Multicultural Meal“ resource is now translated into 36 languages, giving teachers all over the world the opportunity to integrate outstanding materials in their lessons. You can find them here. In this open activity, students design a healthy, multicultural meal for their school by investigating and collaborating. How healthy a meal is, is described in relation to the five food groups and a calculation of the nutritional value. Multiculturality is explored by investigating the students’ eating habits and linking them to their cultural backgrounds. Collaborating on an open and rich task allows for diversity in the ways of working as well as in the level of achievement. Students can discuss and support one another and/or divide tasks according to their preference, ability, etc.

The „Multicultural Meal“ resource was developed by the team at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, a partner institution in the MaSDiV project (2018-2021). This EU funded project aimed to support maths and science teachers in accommodating cultural, socioeconomic and performance related diversity in their classrooms. Central to this project was the inclusion of a social and intercultural dimension in maths and science classes. Teachers shall be equipped to foster students’ understanding of fundamental values of our society through their maths and science lessons. To this end, an innovative PD course along with ready to use classroom materials were developed in the course of the project. More information on the MaSDiV project as well as further classroom materials can be found here: MaSDiV – ICSE – International Centre for Stem Education

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