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Past, present, future: Another successful Consortium Meeting dealing with ICSE’s achievements and aims

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In January 2020 the 16 ICSE Consortium members met in Freiburg

In January, ICSE and the ICSE Consortium turned two years old! We achieved quite a lot in the last two years since our formal inauguration on January 18th, 2018. ICSE successfully coordinated three big European Union funded projects (IncluSMe, MaSDiV and STEM PD Net) and hosted the International Conference Educating the Educators III. This year, we are continuing on this course with some great new projects, like the recently commenced ENSITE and GEM projects.

All these activities help us bring us closer to our aim of promoting innovative STEM education for ALL students. We want to raise students’ interest in STEM subjects and raise awareness of their relevance for the lives of us all, our society as well as stundents’ professional future.


Photo: ICSE

Realizing our visions and goals for the future

To look back and discuss the achievements as well as to determine and prepare the upcoming tasks, ICSE Consortium members from 16 European partner institutions came together in Freiburg from 29 to 31st January 2020. Once more we looked at questions concerning the core of our consortium’s work, as well as the practical realization of our visions and goals.

Amongst others, the following questions were discussed by our diverse members throughout the three days. What will ICSE’s future look like? What should happen in terms of expansion of memberships? How does a successful task division between the 16 different members from 14 different countries look like? Who is responsible for what? How can we efficiently communicate and coherently represent the consortium externally? How can our work be evaluated? More concrete topics concerned events like the Mathematical B-Day and past and future Summer Schools.

Looking forward to another successful year

In short, a lot has been going on at ICSE and we want to continue bringing our vision to life in the future. We thank all Consortium partners, participants and supporters for this pleasant and fruitful consortium meeting and look forward to joint future meetings and activities. Here is to another successful ICSE year!

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