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Summer School, European Workshop Series and Jobshadowing

By October 2023November 8th, 2023No Comments

News from the ICSE Academy and its Lively Activities

by Hilde Ervik and Chrissi Fischer

During the project period from 2022 to 2025, the ICSE Academy strives to enhance the performance of STEM (science, mathematics, technology, engineering) learners, while centering knowledge around sustainability, digital skills, and intercultural learning.

The Academy with its partners from 13 European countries strives to achieve this through a variety of activities. Over the summer the implementation of a Summer School, the start of the European Workshop Series, and the Jobshadowing process has kicked-off the active project phase.

We want to give you some insights into the latest developments of the project.

Summer School 2023 in Utrecht, Netherlands

The first Summer School took place in Utrecht in the Netherlands from August 21-25, 2023. It was organized by the Freudenthal Institute of the Faculty of Science of Utrecht University in collaboration with the ICSE Academy. 49 enthusiastic teachers and student-teachers from several countries participated in the Summer School 2023.

European Workshop Series

One of the professional development activities in the ICSE Academy project is the European Workshops series.

There was a flying start on October 10th, 2023, when 70 participants took part in the first online course. Katja Maass, the leader of ICSE, welcomed in-and preservice teachers from 13 different countries, to the launch of the ICSE Academy European Workshops series.

The first session on the topic of Inquiry-based STEM learning was led by NTNU, Jardar Cyvin and Ragnhild Lyngved Staberg.

Ragnhild Staberg and Jardar Cyvin, NTNU, Norway

Jobshadowing Impressions


Job shadowing is carried out in all 13 European countries during the project period. On Tuesday, September 26, 2023 teacher educators from Sweden, Turkey and Lithuania took part in job shadowing at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway. Ragnhild Staberg held a lesson on the topic inquiry-based learning, more precisely questioning and exploratory talk, for her pre-service students. Parts of the lesson will be transformed and implemented in Sweden during this autumn.

4th Project Meeting

The 4th consortium-meeting was carried out online 16-18 October 2023. At the ICSE Academy consortium meeting, the partners reviewed several activities that are ongoing in the project. Several activities include cooperation, mobility, and the European dimension as core elements. An important part of the project is the ongoing collecting of information from pre- and in service teachers, during the activities, reflections after the implementation, and answering pre- and post-surveys. The research results will be important information for the main target groups.

ICSE Academy Meeting

Mehmet Söğüt, Hacettepe University, Turkey at ESERA and Hilde Ervik, NTNU, Norway at ISDDE.

International Conferences

The ICSE Consortium, represented by Ragnhild Staberg, NTNU, and Mehmet Söğüt, Hacettepe University, presented the ICSE Academy project at ESERA (European Science Education Research Association) 2023, which took place August 28 – September 1 in Turkey.

Hilde Ervik, NTNU, presented the ICSE Academy project at ISDDE (International Society of Design and Development in Education) 2023, which took place October 16 – 19 at Boston University.

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