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When was the last time you watched fireworks?

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Pyrotechnics and the Environment as a Socio-Scientific Issue

Josette Farrugia

Fireworks are often part of our celebrations, be it the New Year celebrations or a national event. They are used to light up and colour the evening sky in some theme parks. In Malta, for example, fireworks make up one of the characteristics of the warm summer nights and days! All towns and villages have their Festa, usually during one of the weekends between June and September. Fireworks enthusiasts work throughout the year to create these fireworks during their free time in specially constructed sites. Many consider it an important tradition and a part of the Maltese culture. The artistic displays attract many local people and tourists. But have you ever thought about the possible environmental impact of the use of fireworks in celebrations and festivities?

Photo: nidan, Pixabay

Photo: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

As part of the ENSITE project, students in initial teacher education courses are invited to carry out an inquiry related to the use of pyrotechnics and the possible impact on the environment. To form an opinion, they consider different points of view on the matter and arrive at a conclusion on whether fireworks should be banned or not. As student-teachers share their views and ideas, their colleagues assess the arguments, evidences and views presented and provide feedback. Together they reflect on how student learning may be assessed during lessons involving socio-scientific issues.

ENSITE is an Erasmus+ project supporting the development of future science and maths teachers’ environmental citizenship and related teaching competences.

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